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Sambasivan Rearrested - "The Hindu" Wanted Repatriation

Sambasivam was found innocent and was released by the Privy Council. Yet, he was rearrested without any warrant. The idea was to force repatriation of Sambasivam to India, so that Malaya could get rid of "the trouble makers." This had been a sheer violation of human rights. But, many including Indians in India, felt that repatriation was only to save Sambasivam.

Sambasivam Narayanasamy 
The Indian Daily Mail published a news based on Hindu editorial published in India on the 16th April 1950, with regards to Sambasivam's rearrest after release.

The Hindu hoped that the Representative of Indian Government to Malaya, Thivy will successfully 
repatriate Sambasivam to India. 

"It is gratifying to find that Mr. Thivy is continuing to find good work in the case of Sambasivam" and recall how Mr. Thivy's strenuous efforts had won a last minute reprieve when the labour leader was about to be executed for alleged offence against Emergency Regulation. 

"Sambasivam had consistently maintained that he was only a trade union worker and not connected with the Communist terrorist. On top of that there was the fact that he had been in 
prison for the last two years and could not possibly have had any contact with lawless elements. But Malayan authorities' object in re-arresting him is presuming to prevent the possibility of his associations with terrorist once he is free. 

We can see no warrant for this assumption. Anyhow if they think it would involve too great a risk to allow Sambasivam to go about freely in Malaya, they should have no objection to his reparation which has been in case of certain other Indians." 

The Indian Daily - 17th April 1950

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