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Tamil Daily Viduthalai Claimed Indian Leaders Failed to Save Ganapathy

Upon learning the death of Ganapathy, Periyar (EV Ramasamy) the President of Dravidian Federation in Tamil Nadu, India signed a statement to the federation's Tamil Daily "Viduthalai" on the 12th May 1949 strongly condemned the Malayan Government authorities for the execuion of S.A Ganapathy. He also added if the Government of India had made greater efforts in the early stages, Ganapathy might have been saved.

What and where it went wrong? We know from the newspaper reporting that efforts had been made by local leaders in Tamil Nadu by sending petition to Tamil Nadu Congress leader, Kamaraj to intervene with the Ganapathy's case.

Based on the pressure, Thivy decided to meet Gurney on the 15th of April 1949. Nothing was reported on outcome of the meeting. Later, we learnt the High Commissioner of India to UK, met with Lord Listowel on the 3rd of May 1949 on Ganapathy's case. There rest is history.   

At this point we kind of agree with Periyar's view on the inertness of Indian politicians and leaders to save Ganapathy. For a second though, why Indian leaders as would want to save Ganapathy in the midst of India and Congress leaders like Nehru and Vallabhai Patel were raging war against the communist in India.

The Indian Daily Mail 14th May 1949

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