Thursday, December 3, 2015

Vellu Pillai Sentenced to Two Months Imprisonment for Beating Ganapathy

Accused in Ganapathy torture case, Ex-Inspector K.Vadivellu Pillai were given two months of imprisonment for his two counts of relating to hurt.

The Straits Times dated 5th July 1946 reported that Vellu Pillai was sentenced to two months of imprisonment after taking into consideration that former was in custody for nine months.
Justice Workey also noted that K.Vadivellu Pillai served as inspector for 21 years with special branch of the Singapore Police. Vellu pleaded guilty to a second charge of voluntarily causing grievous hurt to Ganapathy.
According to Prosecutor R.H Green, Ganapathy was taken to the Central Police Station by Pillai and produced before Japanese Officer Toyoda. Ganapathy was forced to kneel and beaten with leather straps. This was to get Ganapathy to confess that he was a Communist.
A.J Braga who appeared for Pillai, asked the Lordship to consider accused service for 21 years with Straits Settlement Police Force.  

ST-5th July 1946

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