Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Kedah Riot 1947- Chettur Pressed Gent for Public Inquiry

With regards to investigation into Kedah Riot in 1947, Representative of the Government of India, S.K Chettur demanded a public inquiry to be held, reported The Straits Times - 15th March 1947. Chettur was very critical in his views against police using excessive force in handling the situation.
Sankara Krishna Chettur
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The daily also reported that Chettur declined to comment on allegation of disruptive elements were responsible for the disturbance and the organiser of the Kedah Indian Estate Labourers and Kedah Federation of Trade Union Vice President, A.M Samy was just mere a tool of these elements. Chettur also commented that the proposed inquiry shall expected to decide whether this disturbance sprang from legitimate aspiration of labourers or from agitation sponsored for ulterior motive.  

ST- 15th March 1947

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