Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Klang Strike 1941 - Government Statement : Justifying Deportation of R.H Nathan

The Straits Times, May 24th, 1941 carried the statement by Government to justify on deportation of R.H Nathan to India.

The government stated that it was aware of the activities of a small group of persons which was subversive and contrary to public interest.

Even though demands for increase of wage were met in some estates, the government became concerned as the group has been visited estates urging more demand and strike.

The government claimed that the group has been sowing distrust toward the government and the labour department among labourers. Political doctrines which are foreign to Malaya too were preached.

As a result of this labour forces armed with sticks, changkols, parangs and knives came out to strike without formulating any grievances nor demands. In same cases the managers were assaulted and property was damaged, it claimed!

It also claimed that R.H Nathan who had never worked on rubber estates to be the leader of this small group. They linked R.H Nathan to foreign organisations which activities are inimical to public interests in Malaya.

Other allegation towards R.H Nathan were instigating violence towards estate managements and against police. R.H Nathan also uttered words which show his disloyalty to the Empire!

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