Tuesday, April 28, 2015

C.V Kuppusamy - Tamil Social Reformist - Oct 1939

I would like to expand my horizon to include another Indian leader known as C.V Kuppusamy. In one of my postings,  I have written that according to Mr Sudarman (Singapore), C.V Kuppusamy was a top ranking leader of Indian section under CPM, who was in charge of the publication and propaganda. C.V Kuppusamy with S.Amaloo had been acknowledged by Michael Stenson in several occasions in his work, Class, Race and Colonialism in West Malaysia - notably during the 1941 Klang Strike where C.V Kuppusamy and S. Amaloo had aided R.H Nathan.

Early records of C.V Kuppusamy involvements in social reform can be traced back to 1939. The Straits Times dated 29th October 1939, reported that Selangor Tamil Reform Society organizing talks for Tamils at a market ground in Banting and C.V Kuppusamy will speaking on "The Situation of Tamils"
ST - 29th Oct 1939
After 1948, C.V Kuppusamy still continue his involvement in Tamil Reform Movement. The Straits Times July 26th, 1952 reported that the Singapore Registrar of Society has approved the formation of the Tamil Diffusion League, an organisation to spread Tamil culture and art under the leadership of S.K Shanmugam. C.V Kuppusamy was one of the council members.
ST- 26th July 1952

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