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Ganapathy Murdered Says WFTU

Indian Daily Mail - 8th May 1949
On the 8th May 1949, the Indian Daily Mail reported news on Ganapathy's execution. WFTU regarded both Ganapathy and Veerasenan death as inhuman.
The news as follows:

It is Inhuman, Says WFTU

Paris, May 7 - The World Trade Federation of Trade Union last night issued from its Paris headquarters a protest against the execution of Mr. A Ganapathy, Indian trade union leader, under Malaya Government's emergency powers on a charge of carrying arms.
The protest referred to "the assassination by the British authorities of the Chairman of Pan Malaya Trade Union Federation, Ganapathy, hanged on May 4 in the prison at Kuala Lumpur capital of Malaya, and of his successor Veerasenan, slaughtered the following day by a patrol" 
(Mr. P. Veerasenan who succeeded Mr Ganapathy was shot by a Gurkha patrol while felling with a Chinese from a guerilla camp in dense jungle in Negeri Sembilan
The protest said the WFTU had long been aware of "inhuman measures" by the British authorities against Malaya workers. It, therefore, raised its voice against "these flagrant violations of the most elementary rights of man - rights which are universally recognized by all governments, including the British Government" - Reuter

Note: Correction to the report above: Veerasenan was shot dead a day before (3rd May 1949) Ganapathy to be executed.   

Malaya Tribune - 7th May 1949

On the 7th May 1949, Malaya Tribune reported on its first page "Ganapathy Murdered" Says WFTU. A strong message indeed! The contents almost similar to the what was reported in Indian Daily Mail on the May 8th. 

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