Thursday, February 11, 2016

Klang Strike 1941 - 124 Tamil Labourers Changed in KL Court

124 Tamil Labourers Changed in K.L Court - reported The Singapore Free Press on the 4th of June 1941. They were charged for unlawful assembly in the First Magistrate Court before G.L Howe. Alleged weapons used such as long parang, sickles, scythe blades, sticks and changkols were exhibited in the court. Outlining the case, OCPD D. Forbes Wallace and his party of 25 policemen and 5 riflemen met with 50 hostile Tamils on May 15th, 1941 on an estate in Telok Datoh. There were also women and children among them and they were armed.

With help from a platoon of military, he ordered a lathi charge and 122 Indian labourers were arrested.

In detailing further, Wallace said the police reached Banting town at 2.15 and as they walked 2 miles from the main road to reach the estate. The estate manager Roberson accompanied them.
Both Wallace and Robertson told the aggressive hostile mob to disperse but their instruction was not adhered.

After one and a half hours later a platoon of military unit arrived for reinforcement. Wallace ordered a lathi charge and arrested 122 labourers.

34 changkols (hoe), 7 long parangs, 8 scythes blades, 3 spears, 1 axe, 5 dozens of sickles and 1 iron pipe were ceased.
Singapore Freee4th June 1941 


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