Friday, May 22, 2015

Stop Indian Labourers Immigration to Malaya - P. Veerasenan

Looking in the appalling condition of estate labourers in Malaya, a huge protest was organised in Singapore by Singapore General Labour Union on 18th August 1946 (Sunday)

The Straits Times dated 19th August 1946 reported that a mass protest of 5000 held in Singapore by the Indian Section of the Singapore General Labour Union under leadership of P.Veerasenan (spelt wrongly as "P.Veerasingham" in the news).

The protest strongly criticized the Malayan Government's immigration policy and condemning negotiation by the government to bring in more Indians labourers to Malaya.

"We dislike our fellow labourers to be brought into this country to share our misfortune and our precarious position" - stated in the resolution.

An appeal also has been put forward to the Indian government, the Indian National Congress, the Indian Communist Party and All India Muslim League to help to check the proposed influx of Indians into Malaya.

The finding of the Pyke Committee was also severely criticized and rejected in meeting as the committee interests were more towards favouring the government.

The meeting too asked the government to prohibit the toddy drinking among the Indian labourers as it has adverse effects on the labourers. The meeting also condemned the selection of Advisory Council whom the members were among Indian community who do not represent the community at all.

(Note: It is interesting that Indian Communist Party was mentioned in the news. This shows that there have been connections between the Indians in Malaya and the Indian Communist Party)

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